Yellow powder coated bullets(HF)

Good deal. I never was happy with any of the HF powders, and never could get the yellow to cover to what I thought was a satisfactory degree. You did well.
I tried about every method in the books with this color. Wet tumbling with paint thinner worked so-so. But the one thing that made it all work was the amount of powder i was putting in the container. For about 100 9mm bullets 1/2 of a lee powder scooper( the one on the 9mm die set) is more then enough. I think the temperature and humidity had something to do with it also. I moved my operation from outside to the kitchen table.
Thats excellent coverage, you did well. I could never get HF Red or Yellow to coat that well using the TL method but it sprayed fine using a electrostatic gun but they waste too much powder for me so I dumped the HF powders years ago.
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