Who shoots steel?


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i always wanted to but havent was going to get some a few years back for pistol shooting but was nervous to do so old school thinking with ricochets
still thinking about it lol
On the targets I have they are tilted so the projectile glances off the steel and downward. As far as jacketed and plated bullets the inner lead discriminates. Literally empty jackets and plating on the ground. Have never had one come back.
I do. I’ve got some 3/8 steel plates. They are about 8x8 in size. They hang by chains on some stands I cobbled together a couple years ago. I usually shoot them from 15 to 25 yards. It’s fun to place a couple of them a few feet apart and see how fast you can shoot them both. You should always wear eye protection. I have found loose jacket/plate bullet material in my brass pile after shooting. Mine are for pistol only though, the .223 leaves deep craters and ruins plates. One day I may spring for the AR500 stuff.


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Oh, I love shooting steel! It is my favorite, but the only place so far is at the pin range portion of my club.
My friend has an empty lot in NH & he gave me permission to go shoot there whenever I want, so we are going to set up a pin range there. Can't wait to get it going.
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