Who’s reloading today, and what?


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That’s great. Learned a lot. I never set off a primer when I was using my single stage(Forster). Always primed on my RCBS bench primer. I love that thing. Have to call Dillon tomorrow.
Just remember that it is not necessarily equipment that caused it. I primer can have a little too much tension and all it took was a solid jolt. Primers have cooked off in every different piece of equipment at one time or another, figuratively speaking.

I've been lucky I guess, but I don't prime on my press. I use the Rcbs bench mounted priming system. Been lucky I guess in the 20+ yrs I've been using that system. Prior to that I primed on my Rcbs Rock Chucker press. 35 + yrs reloading, and still being lucky....🤔....🙂
Well I found mire 45 acp brass in my garage that I had forgotten about 1500 new Starline case, 500 nickel and 1,000 brass cases, plus 1,000 Remington 185 gr Golden Sabers to load. Found an apple box with 1500 ince fired mixed brass all seperated into containers by brand. Just finished loading 300 230 gr Hornady fmj, noticed that Hornady is no longer producing the 230 gr fmj encapsulated, same product number just not true fmj.
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