Who’s reloading today, and what?


I’ve got a buncha baby backs in the smoker, so it’s a good day for me to shampoo the carpets and get some loading done. Today is .38 special day. I need to produce at least 500 rounds.
I’ll be using the Hornady LNL progressive, Starline brass (6x fired), TiteGroup, CCI primers, Xtreme 125gr FP plateds, and a mix of dies: RCBS sizer, seater and powder check, Hornady case-activated powder measure and bullet feeder dies, Redding expander and profile crimp.
I do these runs in two passes. The first pass is to size, prime and expand.
The next pass has all 5 stations full: Hornady powder drop, RCBS powder check, Hornady Bullet feeder die, RCBS seater, and the Redding profile crimp. I don’t fully trust ANY powder measure in situations where it is difficult to visually see inside the case, hence the powder check die which locks the press up in the event of under or over charge.

So who else is at the bench today? Give up the gear and components you are using, but not the exact recipe 😁


Working on 100 rounds of 308 with 150 grain Interlok because I don't have any Sierra 168 grain match Kings yet. But it will do for hunting. Doing it all on a new Forster Coax with Redding types s bushing die and the Redding competition seater die. I like the new press.
I’ve always wanted the CoAx.. but now with the new T7, it will probably never happen. I really would like a new progressive, though. Just not in the financial picture right now. 😁


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Just loaded up 450+ rounds of 9mm. Press ran pretty good today. Had a couple of hiccups, three of the brass were some weird brand (using range pick up brass) primer pockets were too tight. Now I'm on the lookout and will toss them as I find them. Other than that had a real good time. This was my 2nd reload session and my 1st "big" run on the press.


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Well I did not load anything today. But I did cast some 30 cal Zinc bullets in my new lyman mold #311284 30 Caliber (309 Diameter) 210 Grain Round Nose Gas Check. They came out great. They weigh in at 132.5 grains. They look real good. These will be used for 30-06 with a very light charge. I have been playing with Winchester WSH powder. It loads almost the same as Green Dot. I got the powder very cheap. Will be loading 30-06 with 10.5 grns of WSH powder. I have tried this powder for 30-06 and it works great. Also have used it in 9mm also works great. Have 24lbs of this stuff ant $10 a pound could not pass it up. So with a lot of research I came up with loading it around 10% less than Green dot. So far it works great.
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