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I want to welcome Western Powders to the forum. Western Powders is an excellent company and they own Montana X-Treme. Everything they make is top notch and their powders perform superbly! I encourage you to go to their website and check out their line of powders. They have a powder for everything you will need to reload for. Also, make sure you order the Western Powders Handloading Guide. Their guide walks you through, step by step, the basics of reloading and much more. There are tips ranging from case prep to finding barrel twist. The pictures are detailed and the guide is easy to understand. Their handloading guide has a wide range of load data for a variety of bullet manufacturer and It's a must have resource for every gun enthusiasts library. I highly recommend Montana X-Treme.


I total agree with Highboy and GT Morrow! Western Powders include Accurate, Ramshot, Blackhorn 209, and Montana X-treme gun cleaning supplies. Don't forget to pick up a copy of their New Reloading Manuel it covers all the latest cartridges covers both 223 and 5.56 and is an outstanding resource!
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