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I want to take a moment and welcome Redding Reloading to the forum. Redding Reloading is a top notch, 100% made in the USA company. Redding is made in house and they hold their own tolerances to the tightest of standards and they mine their own steel in the USA. I only have praise for this company. As for Robin Sharpless, he has become a mentor of mine. Robin always takes the time to help others and, out of all the people I have met in the gun industry I don't know of anyone who knows more about firearms-ammunition-reloading-bullet casting than he does. The greatest attribute to Robin... he's always willing to help others. I HIGHLY recommend checking their website out and begin putting Redding on your list of must have equipment. You will benefit long term and you won't regret it.




I have made the exact same positive experiences over the years. I love my T-7 and UltraMag.

Robin is always good for some first class information and help.

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