The 10 Amigos


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Are they all 44 Magnum?

Because that one in the lower left - the flat top - has two pins not three screws, which means it's a "New Blackhawk", and I didn't think they made those in 44 Magnum.

Can't blow the picture up large enough to read the caliber marking.

Reb Tyree

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Highboy, now that's an outstanding collection of Rugers!!! Now I want a few more!! Currently I have a Super Blackhawk in 44 mag 5 1/2" barrel blued, my carry handgun while hunting and two Vaqueros in SS 5 1/2" barrel in 45 Colt. I can see a few more in my future in 45 Colt. and maybe some in 44 spl. 😉🙂
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