Russian Model 1944 M44 Carbine

Here is my 1945 Izhevsk M44, I got this hand picked rifle about fifteen years ago for $75 out the door when you could get nice ones on the cheap. The rifle is in excellent condition with a mint bore and has been a great shooter especially with cast lead bullets which is what I shoot most all the time, the Lee 160 gr. TL as well as the Lee 185 gr. RN both gas checked are my go to bullets and both shoot well in any of my Mosin rifles, Alliant 2400 is my general purpose go to powder for velocities in the 1600 to 1800 fps. range. and H4895 for higher velocity.

Several years ago I added a S & K scout mount with 1" rings and a long eye relief pistol scope, I may end up replacing the scope with a Millett red dot at some point.

Lee 160 gr. RN
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