RCBS rock chucker IV, enough movement to properly re-size?

Hey all,

I figured being new to 223 and rifle loading all together I should ask you guys for your experienced opinion on this . I'm concerned I might have my inline precision mount a little to far back to where maybe I'm not getting proper cam over. When doing 9mm on this before you can see the black marks on the bench where it used to hit. I do my 9mm on my 550c now, however, since i'm starting 223 I want to make sure this will work. If you wouldn't mind having a look at my video I put together showing how it's setup and give your input, i'd be very appreciative!

Thank you
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Lol never mind. I'm an Idiot, i had the lee universal decap in there. I put the resize die in there and it’s definitely hitting the bench, even though the linkage looks extended since its hitting ill always doubt it. Time to move the mount forward a bit.

Update: I moved the mount forward a bit, with the Re-size die in there, and It seems i have full cam over without the press handle hitting the bench. Let me know if this looks ok to you guys.

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