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Foxtrot Mike 8.5" 45 ACP SMG Pistol
I have been posting recently without a formal introduction. I am from New Braunfels, Texas. I have been reloading since 1972 and have been following the Highboy series for the last couple of years and found everything that gentleman has put together extremely useful and educational. He has also convinced me to acquire quality tools like the Redding T-7 and finally the Dillon 550C and now the Dillon 750 which I am still learning and putting into operation.

For your information, I am a retired Marine. I joined in March of 1967 and retired in January 1991. I also worked in the field of Information Technology until my retirement for Social Security in 2009. My wife is an enthusiastic shooter. Her everyday carry is split between a S&W 686 plus and a Kel Tec P30. She recently acquired an ATI Omni Hybrid and loves to shoot this at the range as well.

You folks really are very "welcoming" people, and I enjoy interacting with you in order to learn and share information. Thanks.
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