My latest AR Build


My latest build, I live in Commiefornia so it had to be featureless to comply with state law. It is chambered in 223 Wydle.

Barrel: 20 inch Ballistic Advantage premium fluted 416 Stainless steel bead blasted barrel, 1-8 twist.



Gas Block: Areo Precision .750. I dimpled the barrel set screws using a BRD Engineering, Hex Triple Gas block dimple jig. It comes with the jig, drill bit and Allen wrench. Awesome jig!!! For more info on the jig website:

BOLT CARRIER GROUP: Aero Precision Hp/Mpi tested, black nitride finish

GAS TUBE: Aero Precision Rifle length blk nitride finish.

CHARGING HANDLE: BCM medium. Temporary: until my BCM Ambidextrous charging handle arrives).

BUFFER TUBE: Aero Precision Carbine length Milspec.

RECOIL SPRING: Tubbs Flat Wire, Stainless steel.

UPPER RECEIVER: Aero Precision M4E1. I lapped the face of the receiver with a PTG Lapping tool and Wheeler Lapping Compound 340 grit.


LOWER: Aero Precision M4E1

HANDGUARD: BCM KMR 15 inch Keymod, got it at a shop that was going out of business, great deal.

TAKEDOWN PINS: Battle Arms Enhanced.

SAFETY: Radian Arms Ambidextrous
Safety 45/90.

LOWER PARTS KIT: Aero Precision Milspec.

TIGGER: Larue MBT, 2 stage, 4.5 lbs pull 1st stage is 2.5 lbs, 2nd stage is 2.0 lbs.

STOCK: MAGPUL Fixed Carbine Stock.

HAND GRIP: Aism handgrip with thumb rest and fin. CA approved. Cant wrap hand around the grip.

MUZZLE DEVICE: VG6 Gamma Muzzle brake and VG6 Blast Shield. CA approved. Not allowed to have a flash hider.

SIGHTS: Troy Battle Sights (Not attached in photo).

SCOPE: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 power (Temporary). Pending Install Leupold 4-16x 50, 30mm in a ADM Mount with quick release.

BIPOD: Harris 6-9 inch adjustable (Temporary) until I decided which one I want.

That's about it for now. Thinking about installing the Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock.


Well here is my finished AR10, California Approved Featureless build.

Aero Precision upper and lower receivers, and handguard all in FDE.
Aero Precision lower parts kit.
Larue MBT 4.5 lbs trigger
Radian Arms Ambidextrous charging handle.
Barrel: Ballistic Advantage 18" Gov't profile barrel. BA has a guarantee of 1 moa or less at 100 yards.
BCG: Aero Precision black nitride finish.
Grip: Magpul in FDE
Muzzle device: VG6 Gamma .30/7.62
Stock: Magpul fixed carbine
Sights: Troy Battle Sights pending install
Sling: Magul 2 point sling


Awesome build. I might have to pick your brain on my next build. I have a few 80’s that need completing. I’m glad i’m not in california. I love Barstow, but i’m not going back.
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Awesome build. I might have to pick your brain on my next build. I have a few 80’s that need completing. I’m glad i’m not in california. I love Barstow, but i’m not going back.
Always glad to help out where I can. Your lucky you got out of Commiefornia. Can't wait to escape also to a free state like Idaho!...😎
Thank you Highboy, and Tuloko16, it turned out rather well. Now to build another upper with a 20 or 22 inch, 416 stainless steel fluted barrel, 5R rifling. For for trying my hand at longer range 800-1,000 yards shooting. I will be installing my Leupold 4-16 x50 LRT mildot scope, as soon as I get 20 degree rail to avoid having to buy another scope mount. I have an American defense QD scope mount already that I plan to use. Saving up for a better scope now.
Very nice rifle! Why the blade grip? You live in GA, no?
SgtSandman, no I'm in Commiefornia. It's part of the featureless build, to avoid it from being an "Assault Rifle." To be considered featureless per state law, cant have any of the following: ,flash hider, collapsible stock has to be converted to fixed stock, forward hand grip, or have the ability to wrap your hand all the way around the grip (The grip wrap currently complies with CA law), also can't have a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds.

That's this week. There trying to ban all AR and AK type rifles in CA.
I didn't list about the gas block on my AR10 build.

Gas block: Superlative Arms adjustable .750 diameter. To fine tune to the ammo.

Gas tube: Aero Precision rifle length, Black Nitride finish.
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