Mosin M91/30

I've always wanted a M91/30 as I already have a M44 carbine in 54r but by the time I was able to purchase one the prices had gotten crazy not to mention that the quality of the rifle was not as good. Luckily my brother had stashed away a couple nice M91/30 rifles with the $100 price tag still on the rifle and he let me have one at cost to finance his Vepr 54r purchase. I ended up with a 1933 HEX receiver version.

The rifle was in nearly mint condition bore and metal wise but the old lacquer finish on the stock was starting to show some signs of age so I refinish it in a blonde version and while I was at it I cork bedded the action and free floated the barrel. I haven't fired a jacketed bullet in the rifle since I've owned it but it gets a steady diet of cast lead bullets from a Lee 185 gr. RN as well as a 215 gr, FP bullet mold I had Tom over at Accurate Molds modify for me to fit the long throat on my rifle. Both mold produce bullet that have provided excellent accuracy for target shooting and hunting purposes.

5 shot group.
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