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Hey there folks. Time to move on from loading 9mm, and on to loading 5.56/.223. I have a couple of questions before I get started.

1. I have 556/223 cases mixed. All of my rifles are 556 or wyld, so I can run 556/223 out of any AR that I own. I prefer running 556. Can I make 556 loads out of 223 cases? tbh I really don't care 223 or 556 for my reloads I just want to do it correctly which ever way.

2. primer popping. I understand this to be an issue with 556 case primer pockets? If so I don't want to take the step (maybe bc I have a ton on 556 brass) to fix that issue, and I'm leaning on just reloading 223. I'm so confused lol. *** note I have never experienced a popped primer in any purchased reloads/factory loaded ammo.

Thanks in advance.. you guys all awesome!!
Gen1, How are you? I am not an expert, but I have loaded many thousands of 5.56/223 rounds using these rules.

Since you guns are "5.56" you certainly can shoot any SAAMI spec. 556/223 round.
5.56 cases can be staked for military specifications, so you will have to swage or cut out the primer crimp after you deprime and before you re-prime. I use the Dillon swage tool, but many good one exist. Follow the directions after you read them. Swaging is much fast then cutting out the crimp in my experience.
5.56 case can be thicker internally by spec, so they can run higher pressures than the same loads with 223 cases. This is because of the volume difference that can exist. I load 5.56 cases using a 5.56 recipe and 223 cases using a 223 recipe. Following that, I have never had any pressure signs or popped primers, etc.. I always start low and work up the pressure of each load I test out. It should be that easy. Primer crimps are not a big deal if you have the right tools. Good Luck!

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Load all of them the same 223/556. You don't have to seperate them. You could but for AR15 no.
Work up the load and you will be good to go!
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