Loaded some 44's

Loaded up some 44 magnum, and 44 special test loads last night. The older looking loads are some we did 25 yrs ago. Waiting for the rcbs .430 insert to show up so I can dissect one to see how it was loaded. I know they shot great, but cannot remember anything about that load other then Bullseye powder.

CCI and Winchester LPP, starline brass, xtp and speer bullets, H110 and Titegroup powders.
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Not sure how closely the sierra is to the xtp. Hodgdon has the 180gr xtp starting at 29gr of H110, Pressure 21,800/max load 29,900. H110 is no joke. These loads worry me with my N frame.
fireballs=good, blown-out shoulders=bad
Thanks for sharing
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