Lehigh Defense

Does anyone on the forum have field experience with the 160 gr or 220 gr Lehigh Defense extreme penetrator/extreme defense bullet?
I’m looking at the 160 gr 44 caliber one for a low recoil load for my niece for a upcoming boar hunt.
I have not. But, I have shot the 110g Lehigh controlled chaos 300 HAM’R. At 2600fps it hits like a brick. Expansion was really exceptional. Dropped that boar where he stood.
I had some free time tonight so.....I played with ballistic formulas.
Marlin 1894 SBL’s have 1-38” rifling twist. So according to the Greenhill rifle twist formula, the ONLY LeHigh bullet that will be probably stabilized would be their 125 grain Extreme Defense bullet.....
So, that answers that question. The next question is, how much felt recoil. With a 6.5 pound gun, shooting a 125 grain bullet with 12 grains of powder at 1950 fps will give 4 pounds of felt recoil with a recoil velocity of 5 fps.
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