Hornady Lock N Load Concentricty Tool


I have one also. I’m not sure, but I believe that the dial indicator will work with Redding’s Instant indicator. I’ll dig mine out and try it. 😁
I did check, and the Hornady dial may be used with the Redding instant indicator comparator. I checked several cases, and both dials turned in exactly the same readings. In fact, inspection of the dial body and stem shows them to be identical. I strongly suspect that they are from the same manufacturer. The faces have different markings, and the ball end of the stems are slightly different, but function is the same.

So.. anyone who already has the Hornady Concentricity Tool, and has been considering the Redding Comparator, you can buy the Redding Comparator without the dial for your cartridge, and be good to go. Save yourself $50 or so. 😀
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