Goals achieved

Gen1Loader, Congratulations on your 1st. 1,000 rounds!!! Great looking rounds, well done!!! Time for a new goal of 5,000 or better yet, 10,000 rounds per weapon. That will keep you going for awhile for training.
Oh shoot .. that 1000 is just my range candy lol, I have a factory stash that would make most Dems rather uncomfortable Hahahahah.

Thanks buddy! I think they look pretty good too.. not to shabby at all.
I’m running CFE powder and Speer copper washed 9mm bullets 115g
I knew the look familiar. I use the berry’s plated. Let me tell you something about that plating. I had a few of them bullets with crimp marks; from setting up my crimp die.
Well, i was smelting some lead and decided to trow them in there and melt them. Nope, they stood the whole melting secion, about 20 minutes floating around and they did not melt( well i’m sure the lead inside was molted) but the plating surprisingly held up.
I was also surprised how well powder coated bullets held up in the molted lead.
They look great. Also, your learning curve is very typical for everyone. What is not typical, is the wisdom to ask questions and the persistence to keep working at it. Nice job!!
Hey, thanks buddy. I actually see a lot of loading presses for sale on my local private gun trading website.... always tagged as “like new” lol. I figured they get pissed and sell them. Gotta put in work, so what if you have to spackle a few holes in the wall, that just means that you learned something 😂😂
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