Garage re-loaders and rust.

My press is set up in the garage and hasn't been out there long. I keep all my powder and primers stored in the house, but not the press. I noticed a very small amount of surface rust on my shell plate and on top of one of the dies. I used some fine steel wool and removed the rust then hit it with some Hornady One Shot cleaner/lube. Do you guys/gals have this issue? Any prevention methods? I have been keeping a desiccant packet in my empty powder thrower tube when not in use. I guess it is more humid out there than I thought. 🤷‍♂️
sort of I keep my whole operation in the house but I believe the powder residue has caused discoloration on the base plate I do the same as you though clean up as best as I can and used the 1 shot as a preventative
I wondered if that may be the case, i was a bit stumped at the top of the die having it too. Although I was slinging powder for a time lol. Could have been from my hands as well.
I had my reloading equipment in storage while our new house was being built. I've got dies with some rust on them. I lost a Lyman #55 powder measure (orange one). I really didn't lose it but I had to take it apart to clean the rust out and laid the guts down somewhere and have never found them. It's been 18 since we moved into the new house. I sure miss it, best one I ever had.
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