Finally out to test. . . Oh Man!

Looks like a nice area to shoot at. I will be testing my new patriot .243 soon. Have some test rounds loaded up with speer 100 grain spbt over hodgdon hybrid 100 V. I have a couple hundred rounds of factory ammo to use first while getting barrel worked in.
Cool. My rifle has been frustrating me but it is most likely user error. Reloading has helped me think that my rifle can do more than I think it can. . .
Honest opinion guys on the Patriot, I've been looking at the Patriot for awhile now. I'm debating, if I need another rifle in 243 since my son has sort of claimed my rifle.

Have an older Ruger M77, that I need to spend more time with working out new loads with non-lead ammo. Here in Commiefornia, per state law we can only use non-lead ammo.
It probably depends on what you are doing, your budget etc. The problem is I am not that good of a marksman, and seem to be irregular in my re-loading. I am looking to get my groups at about an inch and have not been able to consistently get that out of factory or reloads. I thought I was getting close but the next time I went I was all over the place again. The patriot is a little difficult to have glass bedded and may cost you a little more if you have someone else doing it. I have also had the trigger stick on me and i have to lift up on the bolt handle push the round in and try again. Don't know what that is about, maybe my shoulder is too far forward I don't know. Other than that the rifle feels O.K. I have called the service. they have actually checked the rifle out for me and sent it back again. That part was good. I have talked to the technician on call and he seemed frustrated with my questions (It related to bedding the rifle and how one of the screws is stabilized in the original stock). If I had to do it over again I probably would have saved about $300 more than I have saved up for this rifle and gone a different direction. The Ruger sounds like a fun one to try it will probably have the same level of accuracy maybe better.
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