I am about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. I am an avid supporter of the second amendment as well as concealed carry. I enjoy hunting, being out in the woods in total peace with the Lord absorbing his beauty. I also enjoy pistol as well as long range rifle shooting. I am new to reloading looking to jump in with a Dillon XL750. I tend to be a very detail oriented person and have definitely developed a thorough understanding of reloading and die setup from this forum and the Youtube channel.

David WU3J

WU3J (Whiskey United Three Juliet) is an Extra class Amateur Radio call sign which I have held for over 25 years.
I desire the aspects and opportunity afforded by reloading. I have no goal to save money. One could spend just as much on a TV that just sits on the wall or a mattress (did that on Labor Day!). I look at it as just another purchase in my enjoyment of firearms.

David WU3J


wu3j... it is good to have you and, as a brother in Christ I hope you share a bit of your testimony and God's word. I look forward to getting to know you.

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