bullet question

found these for 10 dollars 500 to 600 .308 150 gn bullets. but this is what i have found canalure to base seems the same but length is all over the place
have no way to ck ojive seems to me thay will not shoot the same . weights are close 147 to 148 what do you all think
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Those are an absolute treasure find. Buy yourself a comparator that attaches to your calipers and load away.
would i use a compartor instead off calipers or would i be useing them as a giude to get my oal i think follow what you mean if ojive is close and seating happens close to ojive not tip thay all should seat the same in case is that right? and thanks ps fle market find
Using a comparator that "attaches to your calipers" is a far more accurate way of measuring consistent seating depth. Measuring from the head of the casing to the tip of the bullet will give you good results. But they will be inconsistent. Measuring from the Ogive to the case head is far superior. Since the bullets you acquired have been man handled a little bit I suggest getting a comparator like the one Hornady sells called the "Lock-N-Load bullet Comparator & basic insert set" for rifle bullets will serve you well. Just make sure your not exceeding the SAAMI spec. for over all length.
thanks chuckb have to pick one up from Brownells. dont know why i checked this but i think i know why there all over the place now. check out the pics
seems thay have a littel extra surprise in them lol


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