A hearty hello from Pasadena, CA

Hi everybody, my name’s Anthony, and I’ve been shooting rifles, handguns and shotguns for almost 40 years. I used to compete in high power long range precision competitions quite bit as well as IDPA for handgun competition. I started reloading with a Redding single stage press about 12 years ago, for my .308 Match ammunition. I always wanted to get into progressive reloading to feed my handguns, and also my non precision rifle calibers.

I have been watching 76 highboy’s great videos for a while now, and decided I’ve put off getting a progressive press for too long. So I just purchased a Dillon 550C, and plan on reloading .45 ACP, .30-30, 44 Mag/.44 Sp to begin with. Down the line I’ll probably add .357 Mag/.38 Sp, .45-70 Gov, 9 mm, and who knows what else at some point. I may get into 300 AAC Blackout, too.

I’m awaiting a few goodies from Inline Fabrication before I start setting up my new machine. I can’t wait!

I look forward to learning from you all here, and continuing to have fun with reloading and shooting! Thank you all for such great information and tips.

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