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I re-sized a batch of my first 50 223 this morning. Most cases are measuring about 1.750 to 1.754. I am curious if I need to trim each time to 1.750, so that each round is consistent in COL? I was thinking that If i don't trim them all to the same size, my COL would fluctuate. Is this accurate? Or, should I quit whining and as long as its below the Max COL 1.760, load it up?


*Load Data Eligible Dan Wesson
the COL will not change but the longer cases mean more of the bullet will be in the case. I trim all my case after firing. Most do not need trimming but some
will. Some people trim shorter so they do not have to trim each time. I prefer 1.750 as my trim length. Then after firing I measure them and only trim the ones that nee it.
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Awesome. Thanks Andy. I bought the awesome trimmer highboy has linked on one of his vids. Since it seems pretty quick to do , i will likely trim each time to 1.750 as well.


*Load Data Eligible Dan Wesson
I have the same trimmer WFT worlds fastest trimmer. Been using it for a few years. It works great. Once you get it set never have to touch it again. Do not forget the RCBS Military crimp remover. Most 223 brass has crimped primer pockets. If not removed you might crush primers when priming the cases
I loaded 5 but the first two i loaded to deep. First 3 223 rounds. The first two i tried i seated to deep. Oops. These 3 are 55 grain FMJ from everglades ammo , 2.250 col , 25.1 grains of varget powder , winchester small rifle primers. Got the load data from sierra loading manual. 25.1 was the starting load. I matched the called for COL but the canelure is a bit higher, is this ok?
A good rule of thumb is to make sure they are seated deep enough to maintain proper neck tension. So the flat surface of the bullet body come in full contact with the flat surface of the case mouth down to where the shoulder starts. Do not include the boat tail portion of your measurement. Also since the Manual your using says Max COL is 2.250 for the bullet type your using. Seating it a little deeper might be a good idea and certainly would not hurt. Others here on the forum with greater experience will have additional insight.
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