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Forum Rules You must be a member to view forum content. This is a forum for Bible study, guns, ammo, reloading and fellowship. My live stream platform will allow me to do instructional live stream reloading, AR-15 builds and pretty much anything we set out to accomplish. This is a place where you can uphold your God given rights with people who think like you. Liberals and trolls will be banned without question. Yours truly. Highboy


The Famous Banned Members List ***THIS IS FOR THE DRAMA QUEENS, TROLLS, JERKS, KNOW-IT-ALLS, MINE IS BIGGER THEN YOURS PERSONS AND THE I AM BETTER THEN YOU CROWD*** This forum is a place where people can get away from people like YOU. I cannot stand an arrogant person who enjoys pushing others down for their own gratitude. If you do this I will end it real quick. If you do not like me because of that I don't really care. Just know that I WILL make you famous and the rest of us will have fun. No second chances!!! All threads in this sub-forum will be initiated by admins but members can sound off in support of this. Highboy

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Feel at home to introduce yourself. What do you shoot? What do you reload for? What reloading equipment do you load on? What are your hobbies? We look forward to getting to know you. Once you have introduced yourself feel free to read through the sub-forums and ask whatever questions you have. We have plenty of folks who can help you. God bless. Highboy
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MAGA All pro 2nd Amendment Americans need to get organized and come together. The purpose of this sub forum is to inform others of local 2nd Amendment rallies in your area and to expose those who stand against our United States Constitution. As far as politics, please take those elsewhere to places such as Facebook. This forum is your source of information so you can vote accordingly. This is also the place where you can announce voting schedules in your state/county. For those who do not hold the United States Constitution up and who disrespect our flag, I will ban you!!! Also, don't walk on my President, President Trump. You WILL be gone!!! It's my forum and my freedom of speech. If you don't like it there's a bunch of members on this forum who will escort you to the snowflake door. Highboy

Honoring our United States Military This sub forum is for our United States Military. Our United States Military is among the best people in the world and we salute them. To those who come here with disrespect, you will be ran off real quick. I stand armed with my Red, White and Blue. Highboy

Honoring our Law Enforcement Members This sub forum is for our Law Enforcement Officers, current and past. We need to rally around our law enforcement personnel. They have been used as political pawns for too long and I stand with them. First responders put their lives on the line everyday and I always pray they make it home to see their loved ones. These people who disrespect them have to go. I stand with my men and women in blue. Highboy

Company Discount Codes for Forum Members Within this category members may respond to open threads, but only 76Highboy and participating companies are able to start threads. I invite and encourage all companies to be a part of this forum and get the members set up with your discount code. Highboy


Company Q's & A's and Product Overview If any company is interested in being a part of interacting with members and sharing past and current products on this forum, please get a hold me and we can certainly make that happens for you. The companies in the gun industry are of the best in the world and we welcome you. We look forward to getting to know you. Highboy

Company Questions and Answers

This is a section where members can ask companies questions and the companies can exclusively respond. Rules are: Members do not begin commenting on the threads until the companies have answered the questions. Once answered, the companies can either leave the thread open or they can close the thread. This section is intended to help companies answer questions that members may want to ask. Companies are encouraged to have giveaways as often as they wish and they have the ability to delete and ban as they need. This is not a section where members can harass companies or manipulate them. If this becomes the case that member will be removed completely from the forum. I encourage members to show appreciation to these companies because they all do such a great job. Don't hesitate to thank them and give them a thumbs up. They are here for you and are willing to help. Highboy

Support Your Local Gun Shops Tired of big box gun stores? Tired of the liberalized so called gun stores? Are you tired of going to gun shops where the individuals behind the counter don't even know how to check the firearm before they hand it to you? This forum is for you!!! Take a minute and tell us about the quality local gun shops that you patronize and let's send those guys the gun business. Highboy

Motivational Momentum Motivational Momentum because you need to KEEP it going!!! WARNING*** Motivation is addictive!!! Get ya some!!! Highboy

Aggressively Motivated- Get Ya Some!!!

Life is what you make it. If it is to be, it is up to me!!! Everybody has the same amount of time in each day, so how to we become successful? It is up to you to achieve your own goals and this forum is for those who are hungry and ready to win in life. Feel free to share your recipe for success and motivate others and I encourage everyone to soak up all the positive advice you can get from the other positive members in this forum. I will see you at the top. Highboy

Show Your Big Guns Here Folks As a word of warning, I encourage the members to cover your serial numbers with a piece of tape before posting pics. The less eyes on your numbers, the better. Highboy


Load Data Section Load data will be generated by 76Highboy and Beginning Reloading. This will be a work in progress. Stay tuned. Highboy

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